Advertising on KRLQ 94.1 FM When it comes to getting the most out of your advertising dollars, there are many reasons you should be using KRLQ - 94.1 FM. KRLQ is the number 1 station in our area and reaches the market that you as an advertiser are looking for. KRLQ reaches people that have jobs and the means to buy what they want. Beaming 50,000 watts of Real Country from the highest point in Louisiana, We reach from Shreveport to Delhi; El Dorado, AR to Pollack and all the area between.  This makes your advertising message accessible to thousands of people in North Louisiana. Our experienced and creative sales staff can help you develop an advertising campaign to reach potential customers and bring them into your business. Our advertising rates are more than competitive and allow you to reach more people for your dollar than any other station in our trade area. We are a 100% locally owned radio station with contests, promotions, community bulletin board, state and national news, weather, Saints programing,  DART Radiothon, high school sports, and remotes.  We bring your message to the people. Talk to any of our advertisers and they will tell you that advertising on Q-94.1 works.  We take pride in being service oriented to our advertisers and our listeners.  We work to provide our advertisers with the best venue available to present their message.  It’s really quite simple, if our advertisers don’t prosper, we don’t prosper. For more information on the “Big Q” please contact us at (318) 255-7941.